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Children are not just little adults. They cannot always tell what is wrong with them. They are also often nervous and scared when they come to a doctor's visit.

Pediatric surgeons are trained to treat children from birth to adolescence. Their special training allows them to make children more relaxed and cooperative making obtaining pertinent information and making a diagnosis easier. Pediatric surgeons are also trained to better understand families and their needs. Bringing your child to visit with a surgeon is not an easy task and pediatric surgeons are specially trained to answer all your questions and alleviate your concerns. 


Pediatric surgeons chose to make care for children the core of their medical practice. They are required to complete an additional two years of pediatric-specific surgical training after completing five yeaars of general surgery training. These specialists have particular experience in the repair of birth defects and other disciplines.  Our pediatric surgeon Dr. Wadie has been treating children for over 13 years. He aims to provide the best care possible for your child.

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